Lost Hills Sheriff's Station and Public Safety REPORT

"Surf Scrap"

by Suzanne Guldimann

A fight between surfers at Topanga State Beach on Aug. 17 left the victim frightened but reportedly not seriously injured. The victim of the incident stated that the fight began "with a verbal argument regarding surfing territory" between him and the first suspect while surfing. During the initial incident, the suspect "addressed the victim with profanity." The suspect then surfed close to the victim, who "feared a collision" and pushed the suspect's surfboard with his hands in an attempt to separate their paths. The victim stated that he rode the wave to shore and began to leave the beach. As he looked behind him, he saw the suspect "following" and picked up a rock "for protection" and hastily left the area. The victim stated that he "believed he was safe" when he reached his vehicle and dropped the rock. He was then surprised by a second suspect who reportedly struck him twice in the head. The victim stated that he attempted to escape by running eastbound on PCH, but was confronted by the first suspect and a third man. The first suspect reportedly struck the victim with his fist; the second man used his surfboard as a weapon, striking the victim in the chest, and allegedly pushing him into the right lane of traffic on PCH. The victim stated that he was knocked down. The assault continued until "a member of the group called for the first suspect to end his attack." The three men then "walked out of the victim's sight."

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