FLAVORPILL LA -- November 4, 2003

"Performance Pick of the Week: The Lower Topanga Poets"

When: Sun 11.9 (4pm)
Where: Beyond Baroque (681 Venice Blvd., 310.822.3006)
Price: $7

This poetry reading and performance celebrates the quirky and creative character of Topanga Canyon with a multimedia mélange that's unlikely to be repeated anytime soon. Works by poets and musicians are displayed alongside various other mediums, most fabulously a performance painting by Norton Wisdom. His appearances are mesmerizing and unique: using his fingers and a squeegee, Wisdom paints on a huge plastic scrim onstage for all to see, creating a reciprocal trance with the musicians. It's messy and funny and kind of sexy, too. Miss at your own peril. (SND)

Note: A collection of Topanga-based artists, including many who perform tonight, collaborated on a book entitled Idlers of the Bamboo Grove.

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