eBLIPS -- February 9, 2007

"Book Two of ToyLit Epic Out"

by Twist

Last episode, we saw ToyLit evicted from his Rodeo Grounds Smurf Kingdom by the BlueMeanies, his nudie pagan followers dispersed across the megasprawl of LaLaLand. In this installment, Cmdr ToyLit ventures to design a timeship out of nothing but Poetry. And lo and behold, a parking lot full of timeships from the future materializes on his doorstep. Followed by the black hole timeship containing Zomborgish Pyrate Shadows from Anti-SpaceTime… but I shouldn’t give it all away.

A work of gleefully demented, raunchy, rabble-rousing genius. [That’s my blurb for the day it hits the shelves of Borders.]

ToyLit is definitely one of our foremost exponents of the Backwards Theory of Time–which he images as a rampaging elephant. Why not? Religions have been founded, and foundered, on sillier metaphors.

The tome — a graphic novel, to be precise — is hard to find, unless you stumble across ToyLit at some dissolute moshpit of Angeleno bohos. But Beyond Baroque does carry them for $5 a pop. Try googling Brass Tacks Press.

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