THE MALIBU TIMES -- April 3, 2003

Excerpt from "Theater for a Difference"

By Cathy Neiman

…Through their theater arts connections and at the productions at The Rose Alley Theatre, Willoughby and McMurray came in to contact with a vast variety of people who ended up becoming involved, especially from Malibu.

Even Malibu celebrities, like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, have been spotted in the audience at some of the productions. One Malibu resident, Brandon Wilson, an old friend of Willoughby, became the stage manager and public relations/advertising person for the theater. Topanga resident Catherine Hollis recently choreographed "The Cave Dwellers." Pablo Capra, another Topanga resident, helped put on the poetry reading "Lost Lives: The Poetry of Lower Topanga" that showed last December and was a sell-out….

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