From "An Interview with Penny-Ante Publisher Rebekah Why"

by Jon Lorenz

I read that you initially started Penny-Ante with a focus on poetry and you said at the time that you "saw it as something that was completely dead," could you elaborate on that?

Poetry has never died and I find is hilarious that the first time I’m misquoted is by one of my own editors! (Laughs). I think when I said that I was referring to my own surroundings and friends, who don’t really find contemporary “big name” poetry as something they connect with… But with that said, there will always be poets, and people interested in poetry. Byron Coley’s been doing it with the Ecstatic Yod’s poetry journals, or Brass Tacks Press out of Topanga… There are people carrying the torch from one generation to the next and with that, it’s not completely dead, and thank goodness....

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